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We hope you are doing great and wedding planning is going amazing! Here is a short FAQ list that you may find useful!

Photography & Videography FAQ

01. How do I book a consultation?

Please feel free to call the studio (905-265-1555) at your earliest convenience to book a consultation for you and your fiancé to meet one of our wedding specialists. Please note our appointments fill up very quickly.

02. What is required to book a consultation?

Nothing! There are no obligations to be made at the initial consultation. If you are satisfied and would like to secure your wedding date, a $500 deposit, per service, can be made but is not required.

03. How far in advance should we book our photography and video before the wedding?

There is no specific time for you to book, however, based on our experience we say the sooner the better or allow up to one year before the wedding date to book. That way there is time to schedule an engagement session as well.

04. Is your pricing available online?

Piper Studios provides all package info online, however a la Carte and customized packages pricing can be discussed further in studio. Come in for a complimentary planning session and we’ll take that opportunity to show you how a boutique photography studio gets it done.

05. Does Piper Studios accept walk in consultations?

We have created an environment that allows us to give each client our full attention. However, if you wish to speak with us about our products and services in depth, please contact the studio to make an appointment.

06. Do your packages pricing include travel time? Do you travel?

Yes. Piper Studios include the first 50km of travelling for the wedding day. Yes, we will travel.

07. Do you destinations sessions?

Yes. Piper Studios has done many destinations weddings and destination engagement shoots. Just tell us where and when…

08. Will you put our wedding date on hold while we make decisions?

While Piper Studios would love to offer the utmost we will only be able to hold your date once a deposit has been made. Please note, Piper Studios has the most experienced photographers and will have the perfect one for you.

09. Is there a lower rate for out-of-season or mid-week weddings?

Yes. Depending on the day and the time of the year Piper Studios is willing and able to provide certain specials and offers on certain packages.

10. Are you full-time photographers?

Piper Studios is a full time photography and videographer studio that offers an array of services to better cater our clientele. We have a roster of full time photographers/videographers on hand to the studio at all times.

11. How do you choose which photographer is best for us?

First, we discuss your style and vision for the images and your special day. Then we match you with the photographer that best suits you and your fiancés style and personality.

12. Do you shoot with film or digital cameras?

At Piper Studios, we pride ourselves with being up to date and using the newest and best in technology. We use digital cameras. We can also work in any format and medium as desired by our clients.

13. Can we meet our photographer before the wedding day?

Of course! In fact, we encourage it. We recommend you book an engagement shoot to get to know you photographer even better.

Video FAQ

01. Do you shoot in HD?

Yes our videographers have HD equipment and film as such. Your final product will be delivered in the definition you option for example in DVD or Blu Ray.

02. Can you guarantee that I’ll have coverage on my wedding day?

Unlike working with an individual family member or home based business, an advantage of working with Piper Studios is that no matter what happens, you will always have a Piper Studios Videographer and Certified Piper Studios Photographer on the day of your wedding, plus a back up crew in case of emergency.

03. What if I don’t feel comfortable on camera?

In all the excitement of your wedding, you will be surprised at how quickly you forget about the camera. The professionalism of our videographers and their ability to remain unobtrusive is one of the biggest advantages of the Piper Studios approach.

04. Why should I pay more to hire a professional instead of a friend with a quality camera?

Hiring a talented friend to handle catering, music, video or any other part of your wedding could be a good way to spare your budget. However, professional videography delivers more than just a chronological series of clips from your wedding. Our videographers know how to set up artistic shots, shoot in challenging conditions, skillfully conduct important evens and traditions, and remain unobtrusive so they don’t disrupt the natural flow of the day’s events. So, what you pay for is a professionally shot and edited video, as well as the peace of mind that no important moments will be botched or missed.

05. Who may I contact for assistance?

We are here to walk you through every step of the process and to make sure that your wedding day will be the cherished treasure that you want it to be. If you have any questions, please contact our Client Experience Team at team@piperstudios.com


01. How not to be late on the wedding day?

Always start your hair & make up early enough in the morning so that you will be ready 1 hour before the photographer arrives.

02. How else, not to be late on the wedding day?

Try to arrange the hair & make up to come to your house instead of going to a salon to save time.

03. What time to get ready for bride and groom?

We usually organize the day by the ceremony time. You must also consider on how long a drive it takes to get from the brides house to the ceremony location. For example, If the ceremony starts at 1:00pm, we would start at the brides 2 hours prior at 11:00am. If there is grooms coverage we would start 1.5 hours before the brides in this example it would be a 9:30am start. Therefore: Groom house at 9:30am / Bride’s house at 11:00am / Ceremony 1:00pm.

04. Lunch on the wedding day?

Probably the last thing you will be thinking about, but is a great idea to keep the bridal party going, bring a cooler to the park filled with sandwiches & cold drinks.

05. Which park should I pick for my wedding day?

The choice of park is up to you. We recommend you choose a park that is close to your ceremony location. Also your photographer can recommend parks according to your vision and location.

06. Do I need a permit for the park?

Yes you must have a permit to ensure entry to most parks, it ensures that that you will have a reserved location and not be asked to leave.

07. How do you apply for park permits?

We have a list of park location available to be reserved, please ask us for the list.

08. Can my family and friends view the photos online after the wedding?

Yes, and they can even purchase photos online too. Make sure you make web gallery part of your photography package.

If you have any questions that were not on the list, give us a all at (905) 265-1555

Best regards,

Your Creative Team at Piper Studios